Fred is a Bristol-based filmmaker & digital creative who likes to make a difference

Working as a freelance filmmaker since 2012, he has a breadth of experience - with skills in writing, directing, camerawork, editing, VFX, animation, photography, and coding. This allows him to be flexible and innovative in every project

Having worked with people from all walks of life, as well as running many filmmaking & digital media workshops, Fred has developed strong interpersonal skills. This ensures an ongoing, positive communication throughout the entire process. Keeping clients and contributors at ease is just as important as a polished final product

The result is have a professional and friendly filmmaker who creates high quality content to any budget or deadline, whilst keeping the whole process as faff-free as possible

“Fred makes some really fantastic socially progressive films. He's easy to work with and also a really nice bloke.  If you're getting a film made, definitely bear him in mind”
- Client’s public recommendation -

“I’ve watched it four times in a row, and I’m still feeling too euphoric to offer any useful criticism”
- Client’s response when asked for feedback for the first draft of a film -

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